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Teacher: Celsie Staggers

Mrs, Staggers earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis on voice from Mississippi University for Women. One of her notable accomplishments is her 19 published songs including the national best seller "All the World is Winter" available in three voicings for ensembles of all sizes. Students in the younger grades focus on rhythm, steady beat, and call and response on the instruments. They learn the treble clef lines and spaces. Focusing on a variety of vocal techniques, singing and stage presence is an important aspect of the Music and Theatre class room.

Older students learn the basics of written music theory and by middle school, the more complicated facets of music are studied, like building major and minor chords on the treble clef staff.

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade perform in the Christmas Extravaganza (in December).

The middle school students perform in the Middle School Musical (in April.) The Middle School Musical is an hour long production, fully memorized, with spot lights and tree lights and full sound, run by students under the direction of Mrs. Staggers. It’s an incredible performance and the students benefit tremendously from the concepts learned from a production of that magnitude.

Mrs. Staggers also offers private lessons in voice and beginner piano.  In addition to the Music Theory the students learn in class, this gives them confidence and something to be passionate about.  While not everyone is the best reader, the greatest artist, or strong at math, some students truly excel in music when given one-on-one guidance.  Studies show the arts strengthen your reading and math abilities as well; so it's a double win all the way around. Contact Celsie Staggers for private lesson availability (after school Mondays through Thursdays) at 662-352-3339.