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Distance Learning

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 progression in our state, learning will continue virtually and/or via tangible packets.

Just a reminder this not an extension of spring break/beginning of summer. Teachers and students are expected to be "reporting" for school on a daily basis, even if it is virtually or via packets. Thank you for your continued support.  Keep doing your part to protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing.


Here is a list of how learning will take place:


pk Ferraez - email packets

pk Lamar - packets

Ford - email and packets

Donoho/Howell - email and packets

Colloredo - FACTS LMS

Browning - FACTS LMS 

Prewitt - Google Classroom

Moore - Google Classroom






Teachers will be contacting you with more details including how to get needed resources. Those classes utilizing FACTS Learning Management System (LMS) will include details on how to access LMS along with username and password information. Click here to watch a short instructional video on how to use the LMS system. The password is factslms (case sensitive). Click here to access the LMS portal and to log-in. Our District Code is ACS-MS. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received their individual log-in information. 


1st Grade Donoho Resources:                                                                                                                                              Math Resources

1. Brain Pop Jr:

2. YouTube – Ordering Objects By Length:


3. YouTube – Estimating Measurement for Length

4. YouTube – Measurement Song

Social Studies Resources

1. Brain Pop Jr:

2. YouTube - Symbols and Keys on a Map

3. YouTube - Map Skills: A Key

4. YouTube - Map Skills: A Compass Rose

5. How To Make A Map – Geography for Kids – Made by Red Cat Reading

1st Grade Howell Resources: 
5th Grade Resources
Middle School Resources: 
Art Resources: 
PreK-3rd Grade
Music Resources:

For my fluent readers, 3rd grade and up, there are a number of fun games set to classical music that you will love!!  Mrs. Staggers’ favorite is ‘catching the stars’ game!

This site is so much fun – lots of games on families of instruments and a percussion showdown that is sure to be a good time, y’all!  Mrs. Staggers’ tip:  go to the instrument storage room to review the families of instruments before you try the game!!

These games give audible instructions for students of all ages – they are loads of fun and test your memory as well as your pitch response!  Have fun!!
P.E. Resources: 
Daily Exercises (try counting in Spanish or making animal sounds)
15 Jumping Jacks
15 Arm Circles
15 High Knees
15 Heel Taps
15 Squats
15 Arm Punches
15 Leg Lifts
15  Quick Feet
15 Calf Raises
15 Side Shuffles
Helpful websites that incorporate movement with academics: 
Brain Trainer App
We have been working on basketball dribbling in PE, continue to work on those skills at home! 
Spanish Resources: