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Posted On 2021-12-03
Year 2021
Memoir When I picked up my rascally, freckle-faced Kindergartner from his first day at Annunciation this Fall, he announced that the day was "Perfect! Completely perfect." As it turns out, our Kindergartner's second day at Annunciation was "even more perfecter" than the first and his (and our) love for ACS has only grown ever since. As a parent, the moments that have warmed my heart the most have been the quiet, simple moments that I have observed in the car drop-off and pick-up line - a place without fanfare or pretense, to be sure! I've watched from the back of the car line as my child's teacher tousles his hair as she goes about her business. I've pulled up to the front office for an early pick-up and glanced into the front window to see my child sitting with his teacher's arm draped around his shoulders. I've loved hearing "Coach" warmly greet my child with a special nickname as I pull away after morning drop-off, and I've watched in my rearview mirror as my son proudly shows off his newest Hot Wheels car or the new gap in his front teeth to the school principal (who always appears very impressed). When I have spoken to other parents, I learn that their children are feeling just as nurtured and loved at ACS as my little Kindergartner, and I am grateful. I join a chorus of other parents who are thankful for ACS and anticipate many more wonderful years of learning and nurturing for our children ahead!

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