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Military Star School

Dear Military Connected Families:

Welcome to Columbus, Mississippi and Annunciation Catholic School.

We are so glad you are here. No matter how long this assignment is, we cannot wait to welcome you into our school family.

Over the years, hundreds of military children and their families have come through ACS. They touch our lives, and we hope during the years you are here, we touch yours.


Transitioning to ACS

Your first point of contact is our Marketing/Admissions Director, Jacque Hince. Mrs. Hince is a military spouse herself, with military-connected children who attend the school. She will personally help walk you through touring the school and the application and enrollment process.

We often work with our military to be as flexible as possible. For example, conducting the interview over zoom, doing virtual tours, etc. Please do not hesitate to voice how we can help you as you decide what is best for your family.


Student-led Transition Program

Our first priority is to help your student(s) transition to the area and their new school. Sponsored by the school’s military point of contact, Jacque Hince, and supported by the School Counselor, Leslie Jones, the school offers a peer support program to help new students transition and become familiar with campus, staff, and events. Student leaders give incoming students a tour of campus, sit with them at lunch if needed, and help connect them with peers.

Student leaders will also:
1. Be available to answer questions as they come up
2. Help incoming student(s) acclimate to the school culture
3. Ensure the student feels connected to his/her new school


School Guidance Counselor 

Our School Counselor, Mrs. Jones, is on campus and available to students. Please contact her for resources regarding transition, in-school counseling, or help connecting with a counselor or psychiatrist outside the school.

Here is a link to her personal site that she keeps updated and geared towards students to meet them where they are and offer real, tangible suggestions on how to handle a variety of issues:


Military Student Academic Planning

Annunciation Catholic School faculty and staff know that military families transitioning to a new academic environment can be both exciting and challenging. At ACS, we understand the unique experiences and skills that military families bring to our community. To help transition families to our school, we provide as many resources as possible to ease the uncertainty and anxiousness that can come with moving to a new area and to a new school. 


Military families are welcome to join our school community at any time throughout the school year. We provide individual tours as well as shadowing opportunities for new potential students. Once enrolled, we provide new parent orientation sessions for all new families to ensure they are welcomed into the community, meet other new families, and are provided answers to the many questions that come along with starting a new school. 


Once enrolled, families will work closely with our Marketing and Admissions Director, Jacque Hince, and our Curriculum Director/Assistant Principal, Casey Thomas, to ensure students are placed in the appropriate classes and transfer any credits applicable to or from ACS. 


Military families are entered into a school database where we can ensure we as an ACS community are supporting our military families throughout their placement in Columbus, Mississippi. We also provide peer mentoring where military students will be paired with a fellow military student already enrolled who can provide guidance, support, and insights based on their own transition experience. 


We provide several opportunities both during school and after school for students and families to get involved in organizations, clubs, and campus events to enhance social connections, expand interests, and enrich your education experience. Engaging in extracurricular activities fosters a sense of belonging and community involvement. Our faculty and staff are also committed to supporting your educational journey and helping you thrive in your academic pursuits through access to tutoring services if needed. 


Transitioning schools is a significant life change, but you are not alone in this journey. At ACS, we are committed to supporting your transition and empowering all students to achieve their academic goals. Together, we will ensure your success every step of the way. 


For further assistance or inquiries, please contact Jacque Hince at [email protected].


Exceptional Student Education Services Offered at ACS

Providing exceptional student services such as Dyslexia Therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and tutoring can make a significant difference in the lives of students who may need additional support. These services can help students overcome challenges, improve their academic performance, and build confidence. Please reference our website for more information on services we provide at  ACS.


Military Events at ACS


We have several military programs and opportunities for military families to get involved in the school, and meet others.


In Our Nation Day Program/Festivities – During Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate our military and our nation. In years past, we have invited a military family that attends ACS to speak and then paraded around the streets near our school in full patriotic gear!


Visiting the Classroom – We invite our military parents to come and speak to our classes. We hold a “Career Day” in which several Air Force pilots and other personnel from base can be found talking to students and classes about what they do.


Valentines for Veteran’s – We make and collect valentine’s that are sent to a Veteran’s hospital nearby.


Purple Up for Military Kids – In April, we wear purple to recognize our military kids here at ACS


Local Resources For Our Military Families:


Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC)

Military families face unique challenges. To support military families, the Military and Family Life Counseling Program at Columbus AFB provides short-term, non-medical counseling services to service members and their families at no cost. Your student does not have to be a member of the Youth Center to receive these services.


Military Family Life Counselor
Located at the Columbus AFB Youth Center
386 Imes Street, Building 348
Columbus AFB, MS 39710
Phone: 662-435-1110


School Liaison Contacts 

Larry Mullins, NAS Meridian
[email protected]
Office: 601-679-2473
Cell: 601-479-2025


Mona Odom, NCBC Gulfport
[email protected]
Office: 228-871-2117
Cell: 228-323-6105


Amber Meiborg, Columbus AFB
[email protected]
Office: 662-434-2792


Gerald Cross, Keesler AFB
[email protected]
Office 228-376-8505


Michela M. Haggerty
Army National Guard MS Liaison
[email protected]
Office: 601-313-6317

Helpful Military Websites: