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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy 

Uniforms are purchased from Uniforms & Accessories, Inc.   There are several ways to order. 
Note that used uniforms may be purchased from the Uniform Closet located at the school.
1.   Online
          Annunciation website password:  ACS

2.    By phone
          601.693.5373 – fax
3.   Onsite:
         Uniforms & Accessories, Inc.
           404 22nd Ave
           Meridian,  MS 39301

4. Attend Uniform Fitting Day ACS gym
        Date will be announced
2021-2022 Dress Code
All students at Annunciation Catholic School wear uniforms.  The uniform code is not set up to restrict student’s individualism, but rather to promote the traditions of a Catholic education and provide a standard for our students that fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.  It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure that the dress code is followed by his/her children.  Final decisions regarding the school uniform rest with the Principal/Administration. If there is any question as to whether the article is within dress code or not, do not wear it.  Rule of thumb is if you have to question it, we will have to question it.

Notes regarding uniforms:
·    Hair must be clean and well groomed. The principal may request that the hair be cut or trimmed.  Students are not allowed to come to school with dyed hair. Hair or accessories can not distract the learning environment.

·    Parents are asked to write their child’s name on all articles of clothing, outerwear, and lunch box.

·    Uniforms should be clean and pressed with all buttons attached, no holes in clothing, and hem intact. Shirttails should be tucked in while a student is on campus unless the shirt is a no-tuck shirt. Belts must be worn at all times when a shirt is tucked into pants or shorts with belt loops.