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ACS is the Scholastic Summer Reading BEST IN STATE for the sixth consecutive year!

ACS is the top school in the state for the sixth year in a row in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. Our students rock! Overall, our school logged just under 800,000 reading minutes. We are so proud of our students, and all of their hard work! Just because summer is over, doesn't mean you should stop reading. Keep up the good work! Representatives from Scholastic visited our campus on November 6th to present us with our official award plaque and banner. A huge thank you goes out to our librarian, Mrs. Doumit, for coordinating this program every year.
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Staff Spotlight of the Week

Our Staff Spotlight of the week is kindergarten teacher, Heather Ford. Heather has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Mississippi State University. She has taught for 23 years, 11 of which have been at ACS. Both of her children have attended our school. Heather was voted the 2015 - 2016 Elementary Teacher of the year by the Columbus Lowndes Chamber of Commerce. She was also named Best Elementary Teacher and Among the Best Kindergarten Teachers in the 2018 The Commercial Dispatch Best of the Triangle Reader's Poll.

"Kindergarten is my true love. We sing, dance, draw, and write everyday. Getting to help with your child's spiritual growth is a rare gift and I am so pleased to be part of it. We are in this adventure together!" - Heather Ford
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Pennies for Patients

Beta Club is collecting money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. LLS raises money to fund research for a cure for blood cancers.The fundraiser will be held from October 29th -November 16th· Please send any change or dollar bills to support this wonderful cause. Each student will have an individual box to bring back and forth from home, and each class will have a box in which students may place their collected money. The class that raises the most money per student will receive TWO very cool prizes:

1) Prize# 1 will be determined for the winning class by Mrs. House.
2) Prize #2 the winning class will get a party for raising the most money.
Every cent counts ... so bring everything you can find with your parent's permission! The winner will be announced after Thanksgiving Break.
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Staff Spotlight of the Week

Our staff spotlight of the week is fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Lacey Sherman. Lacey graduated from Mississippi University for Women in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education (K-8, highly qualified in English and History 7-12). This is her sixteenth year teaching and fifth year at ACS. She taught in the Columbus Municipal School District for eleven years (one year at Hunt Intermediate and ten years at Lee Middle/Columbus Middle School).

Lacey is a BIG reader, so she encourages her students to READ READ READ!

"I’m so thankful that God led me to ACS to share my enthusiasm and passion for teaching. I am truly blessed to be a part of this precious school family." - Lacey Sherman
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Annunciation Catholic School is having its annual Art Auction on Friday! This year all silent auction bidding will be done online. REGISTER NOW for your bidpal account and sneak a peek at a few items available for bidding. Registering is easy! Just visit the link provided, click SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner, and follow the prompts! Anyone can bid on items, so spread the link to grandparents, coworkers, and all your friends!

Click the BidPal picture to the left to visit the website and get a sneak peek at some of our silent auction items!
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Staff Spotlight of the Week

Our Staff Spotlight of the week is third grade teacher, Mrs. Cindy Prewitt. Cindy is retired from the Starkville School District with over 30 years of teaching third, second, and first grades. She has been a member of the ACS family for three years!

Cindy has a B.S. and M.Ed. from Mississippi State University in Elementary Education with an emphasis in reading. She also has a second M.Ed. from Mississippi College in Dyslexia Therapy. Her other certifications include being a National Board Certified Teacher and a Certified Academic Language Therapist.

"Seeing students succeed gives me great joy! Our classroom is a positive, spiritual learning environment where everyone can succeed!" -Cindy Prewitt
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Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight of the week is kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Teresa Howell. Mrs. Howell is a 2000 graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in Elementary Education. After college she taught preschool at both First Baptist Preschool in Starkville and McComb, MS. In 2005, Mrs. Howell began teaching kindergarten at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in McComb, MS, until returning to Starkville in 2009; at which time she taught both kindergarten and first grade at Hebron Christian School in West Point, MS. Mrs. Howell has been a part of the ACS family for four years now.

"I consider it a great blessing to once again be a part of a Catholic school community. School is truly our "home away from home". I look forward to partnering with you to further your child's academic and spiritual growth." -Teresa Howell
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STREAM Toward a Brighter Tomorrow!

ACS is proud to announce the addition of STREAM. Here at ACS we have always focused on the different components of STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and mathematics), but this year we are going EX-STREAM!

What is STREAM?

STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math) is an expansion of the STEM movement. As a Catholic school, we have a mission to educate the whole child, so we have taken the components of STEM and incorporated religion so as to strengthen each child’s faith journey. The arts are also an integral component so as to give each child a way to creatively express themselves and their newly strengthened knowledge and provides them a way to think about the Engineering Design process with an aesthetic perspective.

A common misconception related to STREAM is that it is a set curriculum. In reality, STREAM is simply a framework for a creative approach to delivering educational standards. In other words, STREAM is an innovative way of presenting concepts to students so as to maximize engagement, increase rigor, and to approach problem-solving with an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of living in an interconnected digital world.

STREAM is also a visual description of how this initiative works. Core areas such as science and math are interwoven seamlessly with engineering concepts, and collaboration, cooperative learning, and dialogue flows amongst students, faculty, and stakeholders.

Why is STREAM important?

In a global economy that is becoming increasingly complex, excellence is not just measured by what you know, but more and more by what you can do with what you know. It is increasingly important to equip our students with skills and dispositions that can make them successful in careers and fields that don’t even exist yet. Solving a tough problem, finding the best answer among many possible solutions, developing prototypes, effectively engaging in evidence based argument, creative problem solving, and preparing to defend data are just a few of the skills that are essential to the future success of our students.

How is ACS implementing STREAM?

Annunciation is leading the way in the Southeast in STREAM implementation. The Arts in the Classroom Initiative, Arts Captivating Spirits incorporates the arts into all subject areas. ACS is committed to giving students 21st century technology skills by focusing on coding and robotics. Technology is also integrated into all subject areas to empower students to leverage technology to reach their learning goals. 21st century learning and innovation skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) are integrated through inquiry-based learning. To demonstrate a commitment to excellence in STREAM, a STREAM Coordinator was added to the ACS family in the fall of 2018. Professional development with a focus on STREAM has allowed for dialogue, networking, and vertical planning; STREAM principles are now evident in all grades and special classes. ACS has been so successful in implementing STREAM because the philosophy of interconnected content areas, higher order thinking, and a focus on empathy and social justice have always been the priority of Annunciation Catholic School.
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Staff Spotlight

ACS Staff Spotlight of the week is music/theatre teacher, Mrs. Celsie Staggers! She has been a member of the ACS family for the past 9 years. Mrs. Staggers earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis on voice from Mississippi University for Women. Some of her notable accomplishments are her 19 published songs including the national best seller "All the World is Winter" available in three voicings for ensembles of all sizes.

Mrs. Staggers also offers private lessons in voice and beginner piano. In addition to the Music Theory the students learn in class, this gives them confidence and something to be passionate about.

"While not everyone is the best reader, the greatest artist, or strong at math, some students truly excel in music when given one-on-one guidance. Studies show the arts strengthen your reading and math abilities as well; so it's a double win all the way around." - Celsie Staggers
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