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Annual Appeal

We are committed to keeping a Catholic education as affordable as possible for young families.  Because we strive to keep tuition as low as possible, there exists a “tuition gap”, which is the difference between what a family actually pays in tuition and what it costs the school to educate that child.  Donations to our Annual Appeal help bridge this gap.  There are two ways to donate to our Annual Appeal:
Join the ACS 1963 Society today!
The ACS 1963 Society recognizes individuals and organizations for their continued and resolute commitment to the Annual Appeal with gifts of $1,963 or more.  Their financial stewardship to the Annual Appeal affirms the time-honored tradition of providing affordable Catholic education.  Members receive exclusive invitations to a dinner, school updates, entertainment by select ACS students, and recognition at annual school events and publications.  New membership may be obtained by contributing $1,963 or more, which automatically enrolls donors in the Society.  Annual renewal in the Society is available with a standing invitation to re-enroll through a continued donation of $1,963, or more.   
  ACS 1963 Society Members
  • Joseph and Carol Boggess
  • Matt and Heather Brignac
  • Tom and Ann Buckley   
  • Michael and Nicole Cancellare
  • James and Judith Davis
  • Thomas and Doris Ebner
  • Scott and Whitney Ferguson
  • Michael and Brenda Hainsey
  • Tommy and Brenda Howard
  • Tom and Catherine Knepper   
  • Tyson and Meredith Langston  
  • William and Carol McAnally
  • Kyle and Neva McConnell
  • Jason and Stacey Oness  
  • Raymond and Karen Overstreet