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5th Grade

Teacher: Morgan Bergeron

My name is Morgan Bergeron and I teach 5th grade math, science, and religion. This is my fifth year here at ACS, and my fourth year to teach 5th grade.

I am originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, where I attended the University of Louisiana and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, with an add-on in Elementary Education, certifying me from PreK-Fifth grade. My husband’s job brought us here to Columbus over the summer of 2017 and that’s when I found Annunciation.

In math, we will perfect our multiplying and dividing skills and use all four math operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. I struggled with math as a child, but it is now my favorite subject to teach. I now have the passion to help my own students love math and appreciate it more than I did.

In science, we will use the Interactive Science Curriculum to cover a multitude of topics including Earth’s systems, forces and motion, astronomy, ecosystems, and interactions of matter.

In religion, we will learn about the Sacraments of the Catholic faith, while we also grow in prayer as we move throughout the liturgical year. One of my favorite things that I experience as a religion teacher is watching my students grow in their relationship with Christ throughout the year. It is truly amazing and makes my heart so full!

It is my joy and passion to educate children, and having the opportunity to share my faith with them along the way is the biggest blessing. I am looking forward to another fantastic school year!

Teacher: Jenni Browning

My name is Jennifer Browning and I am thrilled to be one of Annunciation’s Fifth Grade teachers! I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Millsaps College.  I have taught various grade levels in public school districts around our state. This is my 10th year at ACS and my 21st year as an educator, and I love every minute!
It is so exciting to watch students grow in their love and proficiency of math, reading, and writing and I love helping them explore the wonderful world around us. Additionally, it is a blessing to help our students grow in their faith and understanding of God’s incredible love for us.

If you walked into our classroom at any point in the day, you would see a variety of activities taking place. From read-a-louds, singing, and collaborative learning to independent work, quiet reading, and movement, my primary goal is to facilitate a loving, creative, and engaging learning environment where all children can succeed.
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